My 1st giveaway ever - 
so i wanted to do a giveaway, but i didnt know what to give lol, so why not exo (mostly luhan) merch! ohh and don’t worry about shipping, because i will ship internationally. 
- well, it is a giveaway to my followers…so you must be a follow (and dont just randomly unfollow me after this cos thats just rude yo)
- one reblog and a like will be considered an entry
- and u must be a kpop fan..just sayin
- please, i cannot emphasize this enough, no giveaway blogs, please
- must have your parents permission, and u need to be able to give me your postal address.
= exo luhan sweater
=exo luhan knitted miracles in december sweater
=xoxo official poster version A
=kpop knitted hat exo
=xoxo (growl) albums - M and K versions
= titanium luhan necklace and ring 
=exo luhan 2014 calender
=kpop wristband/exo
=kpop exo titanium tail ring
= luhan alloy necklace constallation (growl gift)
=a fanmade xoxo’ exo canvas bag
The winner will randomly be selected

Because i bought 2 dvd.
Only 1 winner for this giveaway.
Oh Sehun RULES :
For my followers only
You can reblogs/ likes as many time you want. (don’t spam)
You can’t make a blog strictly for this giveaway or I will chose a different winner.
You need to be willing to give me your address if you win so I can actually ship it to you
I  ship internationally 
I will be using random.org to choose the winners who will have 48 hours to reply if not, I’ll choose a different winner.
If you have anymore questions, feel free to inbox me.
Don’t erase or cut  the text.
The winner will be published (if he/she wants)
If the winner can take a picture of the dvd and post it on tumblr when you received the giveaway.
This giveaway will end on May 1st (UTC+02:00 summer Time)



This guy has the biggest balls

i just have one question to ask you son

did she say yes?


hell ye

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